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Our Mission: Georgia Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries is a Christian caring ministry of services designed to promote the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of children, youth and families. 
 At Georgia Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries,
we help our children find their "someday" - today.

Today, we are seeing children who come from more traumatic situations and have a much higher need for care. Poverty, grandparents raising grandchildren, substance abuse in the home, human trafficking, extreme abuse, and more complex behavioral issues have created a need for more intense care and therapy for our children.  In the midst of their crisis, each one of our kids is hoping that someday things will get better.

Our campuses, residential group homes and family foster care programs offer a new beginning for children who have experienced abuse, abandonment or neglect. Our specialty ministries offer hope to young teen mothers, girls who have been victimized through human trafficking, children with higher behavioral needs, children with developmental disabilities in need of respite care, and individuals coping with physical and developmental disabilities through an innovative therapeutic riding program. Our community counseling centers, located on our campuses throughout the state, serve as a place for families to seek help, guidance, and understanding.

Our goal is to provide every child in our care the opportunity to find their "someday" through these ministries:
Campus Residential Programs: These ministries provide residential care for troubled children, youth, and families.  Christ-centered programs on three campuses, located in Baxley, Meansville, and Palmetto, work together to meet the basic physical needs of our children, as well as assist them in personal development and spiritual growth.
Group Home Residential Care:  Available in communities across the state, these group homes have the capacity to serve five to eight children. We have group homes located in Brooks, Carrollton and Newnan.
Maternity Care:  Our maternity program includes a facility on the Palmetto campus providing a safe place for pregnant young women and guidance for unwed mothers and their child.
Specialty Residential Care: This program evaluates the physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of a child and serves children with higher emotional needs, including children who have been victimized, on a long-term basis.
Camp Hawkins: This summer camping program is designed to meet the needs of children with developmental disabilities. This ministry has expanded to include a weekend respite care program called "Matthew's Time" for children with more severe disabilities.   
Good Shepherd Center: Located in Warm Springs, Georgia, this unique farm based residential program for boys provides both short and long-term care and offers an outpatient therapeutic riding program.
Family Foster Care: Our foster care program provides foster homes in the South Metro-Atlanta area.
Community Child and Adolescent Services: We offer a full range of coordinated mental health and community support services including individual counseling, family counseling, psychiatric services, nursing services and pharmacological services.

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